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Re: Absolutely no experience, solo crossing an ocean?

Originally Posted by KGS View Post
Hello experienced sailors,

I've got this crazy idea of doing some solo-oceancrossings. I've lived on an adventure on land travellling the world the last two years, and now I want to do it at sea.

I can feel that I would love start sailing, but I've never been aboard a sailboat. I've watched hundreds of sailing videos on youtube and I have to do something like this as the adventurer i am.

I'm thinking of buying a 30 foot boat. Nothing fancy.

Is it possible for a total beginner to just buy a 30 foot boat with OK equipment for about $10k and begin sailing singlehanded?
You know you have no idea what you're doing. So, what part of this "crazy" notion do you want validation for?

So, either one of three things happen here: 1) this is a lark that will never come to fruition. 2) You are truly crazy, you do it and you make it (thus validating more crazies in the future). or 3) You do it and fail, in which case you become a news story about a foolhardy newbie who causes an $xxK rescue.

I'm going with ... you never do it.
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