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Re: natural vegan, organic, veganic dude for similiar female sailor

Originally Posted by Jeff_H View Post
Anne Hill's book had two very useful appendixes which dealt with storing food. They were essentially pescatarian during longer passages. They mostly depended on a mix of dried vegitables and fruits supplemented by fresh veg's bought in port for as long as they lasted. I have known a number of folks who did similar things including one couple who did their own canning and solar drying of vegetables when they could get produce in various ports, and would use these to supplement their dried foods underway.

To be clear, even though I have been a vegetarian for most of my life, I don't necessary advocate being a vegetarian unless someone chooses to be on on their own. In that case, that person gets to define what works for them, even if it might not work for everyone or anyone else.

I always figured that I would not use refrigeration on longer passages. Now that wind generators, solar collectors, energy management systems, and refrigeration have gotten more efficient, I might consider changing that position.

Interesting what you just wrote. I am vegan although rarely or when not having a choice (ie too much travelling messes up preparation for a healthy and complex vegan meal) I can slip into vegetarianism. I tend to mostly go down the vegan macrobiotic way, but then change every now and then, ie for a while incorporating plenty of complex smoothies and like to experience vegan cooking overall, making cheese from cashew etc. Its not hard, but it requires a different settings then a typical "kitchen".
I just removed the whole old galley on my boat and refitting it entirely to actually fit more my simple vegan lifestyle, but I am a little anxious wondering if I can pull off full veganism on a liveaboard on longer routes. I dont want an oven and dont want a fridge either.

Do you find it challenging, or certain areas that you find challenging? If you have done it for such a long time you must have quite a good experience with it.

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