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Re: The movie "All Is Lost"

Ahh... story time.

I saw this movie on a sailboat. My sailboat. It's fun to watch a movie about a sailboat sinking on a sailboat. Me and some friends had sailed to Catalina Island and we watched it for the evening's entertainment. Why? Well, it was blowin like stink outside so we weren't out in the cockpit reading and conversing. We were at White's landing, and had a tough time picking up the mooring as the wind was picking up. By the time we had dinner and started watching this movie the winds were WAY over socal normal. (I was guessing 30's maybe gusts up to 40?) We were in the lee of the island so it wasn't all that bad, but you looked out to the mainland and it was whitecap city. It was offshore so we coulda run if necessary (like the mooring broke) but I sure didn't really want to do that.

Anyway, the audio on the tv was crap. So we had no sound from the movie. No biggie as there's no dialog. But sitting in a boat with the rigging freakin howling and the boat rockin' from the wind did indeed add a bit to the movie. Didn't miss the soundtrack as our own was just fine. Even so, it was more comedy that drama.

The scene where he tries to push the container away with a cheap-ass WM boathook got us all laughing. "That's just gonna break that cheap-ass boathook!" was the consensus (as we've broken many a cheap-ass WM boathook.) The shaving scene? Who TF would shave while singlehanding anyway? Even if the S hasn't HTF? Yea, I know... Hollywood.

Hollywood doesn't always get it wrong. Compare and Contrast: Interstellar and The Martian.

Both filmed very very well with plenty of budget.
Both had great casts, and great actors all around.
The Martian was spot freakin on as to it could actually happen. And it didn't have some bizzare "wooness" to communicate. It was a MUCH better movie. If you haven't read the book, it's one of my top sci-fi picks. Wier really did a good job on it.

Anther edit, great movie: Gravity. The plot moved along at a great pace, the acting was great, the effects were top notch, etc.. Unfortunately, anybody with a high-school understanding of physics would realize that all the crap that happened - wouldn't happen that way. Fortunately, Ms. Bullock's stunningness made me forget anything I ever knew about orbital mechanics.

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