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Re: Kayak as a dinghy for small sailboat

Originally Posted by Faster View Post
Do you have a good (deep) stern ladder?

I have enough upper body strength and balance to get in and out no problem (at least so far! ).. but my wife does not. She can get in OK from the ladder by ensuring she keeps her weight centered (and moving quickly), but to get out she pulls alongside the ladder, puts her near foot outside the kayak and down onto the first underwater rung, then grabs an upper rung and hauls herself up and out.. no weight/load on the kayak at all, all on the ladder.

No accidental swims since we sorted that out.
Yes.. I do have the stock fold down ladder mounted in the stern and does go below the water line... This would enable us to get onboard from the kayak... My dock (floating) sits about a foot above sea level so the kayaks would be about level or just below the planks for us to ingress/egress out of them.

My wife has good upper strength as she works out and is a decent swimmer... her problem stems from her weak legs due to thrombosis and occasional swelling. I don't believe it would be an issue and looking forward to some quiet kayaking up and down the creek.
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