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Disapointment with Polar Navy Customer "service"

Update: I am reasonably satisfied with the final answer I got from their support (last post). The new version is supposed to be available June 1st.


I just have to relay a pretty poor customer service experience with Polar Navy for their software Polar View NS.

I bought the software a couple years ago and the license says you can activate it on 5 computers (not really true). I installed it on my desktop (1) and my laptop (2). Had a hard drive failure on the laptop and decided to install a different OS (3), decided at some point to reinstall the OS (4). So 4 license used now on 2 pcs.

With the new Windows 10 tablets I thought that would be great to use on the boat versus a laptop. Bought one and installed PolarView NS (5). Unfortunately that thing died within 2 days (Dell Venue pro 10 fwiw).

They state that you can get an extra activation 6 months after your last activation (which seems really arbitrary and odd but whatever), so i figured I would email them and explain the case and it would be no problem. This was literally 3 days after i activated the previous one.

Here is the response I got:
Your activation code has no activations remaining at this time. You will be eligible for activation renewal after November 11, 2016. (Ed. note this is 6 months after my other activation)

That said, a new version of PolarView is tentatively planned for June. The new version will not require licensing to run on multiple computers.

If you need to activate current version immediately you will need to buy a new activation code. You can use discount code PVUSER50 for a 50% discount off an activation code price.

Best regards,
Polar Navy Support

So my options are to:

1. wait 6 months and i can use the software I paid for again
2. wait a month and buy the "new, improved version"
3. Cough up more money now for a version that will be superseded in a month.

See why that might be a little annoying?

I actually love the software and will probably/might cough up the money since I would like to use it on an upcoming trip before a month is up, but that is just crap service on their part in my opinion and thought i'd share my experience.

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