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Re: Boat odor

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
What we all know to be "boat odor", even if very slight, is usually a function of a wet bilge that grows molds and bacteria, mixed with dirt and oil. Boat odor.

With a keel stepped mast, our bilge is impossible to keep bone dry. Everyone considers our boat to be essentially odor free. It's often mentioned. Truthfully, it's slightly there, we know it. Very subtle, but sure.

The issue is, we have water that comes down the mast and it's too much to keep up with every time. Further, we are typically home Tue-Thu and water will sit if it rains during that period. It's that first opening of the companionway that reveals the fact that we aren't odor free, even if it's subtle.

So my latest discovery. I was servicing our air conditioners, which have pans that collect condensation to divert it to a hose to be sent to the bilge or overboard. There is a product called a Pan Tablet, that you put in the pan to control odor from that pan. It is some sort of disinfectant that says it is non-corrosive.

So I decided to toss one in the spot that would collect water in the bilge, while we're away. We come back the next week and both my wife and I were amazed that there was no odor.

I will report back if this becomes a single occurrence, but so far, pretty pleased.

A bottle of 30 tablets (probably an entire seasons supply) is about 10 to 12 bucks.
Please try to consider that whatever you put in the bilge is likely to get pumped into the water at some point. Are these tablets compatible with the marine environment? Almost certainly not.

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