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Re: Thoughts On The Sailing Forums

Originally Posted by zeehag View Post
when i began this life on board in 1990, there were a few books, not many, and there were well meaning neighbors who picked and chose to whom they would allow info to be distributed in person.
there was not yet a magical whiners club.
stuff got DONE.
then there got to be interwebzz, and forums/fora erupted to share info among folks with like minded hobbies and ideas. we could actually share ideas and innovations and modifications.
now it is a new place-no more like minded folks doing, but many with only envy and dreams with little to say and much to bash.
in with the bashing there may be a tad bit of info usable to those actually doing the deeds bespoken in the writings.
which is better--ease of access to info and bullying or lack thereof---gotta admit the conflicts can be entertaining, but there is always a victim of the interweb bullying. and dumb questions which win darwin awards. \
let the games begin
Well said Zee. Hope you and Bubba are doing well these days.

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