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Re: Thoughts On The Sailing Forums

Originally Posted by chrisncate View Post
Lol, nice! Pretty salty there Neuman, daddy likes!

Can I offer you some constructive criticism on your blog writing?

1- Write more from Noi's perspective sometimes. We hardly ever hear from her, and what her thoughts on the whole thing are as you travel. It'd be nice if your blog had a feel of you two as a couple rather than a feel of you sneaking off to wifi on your own. It'd be nice to hear about the trials and tribulations of learning the nautical tourist lifestyle written from the perspective of the couple rather than just the captain.

2- More detail. The posts have a vague quality to them that feels kind of empty. The best sailing blogs can spin boiling a potato into an entire enchanting post.

3- Obviously, more pictures.

4- More detail and honesty about the overall endgame. Leaving it so vague is obviously safe (so if you don't make it/want to even do it after your perspective progresses, no one can judge you ala' this "forum talkers" post nonsense), but safe writing that leaves plausible deniability for you towards your readers is dull writing with a lot less to captivate the reader.

I remember from our talks while boozing it up at the marina and sneaking cigs from Arty, that your end game was the canal to the Pacific, on to Thailand, then to sell the boat and settle down there as an expat with Noi in her village. Now that is an interesting narrative, if a risky one for it's potential for failure/never happening. That, is a story worth writing about as it happens (or doesn't, whatever the case may be).

Take the risk and declare it in your writings, it'll captivate the reader much more than this aloof "meh, we're just winding out way through the Caribbean" business. I enjoy checking in on your blog, and I like to see you out there rebelling out and going for it after so many years as a desk jockey/bureaucrat employee.

Now go, and write like you mean it. I want to believe.
The blog is meant to lean toward detailing the sailing and passage-making. The more personal stuff is reserved for our Facebook page: S/V Symbiosis.

Noi has her own blog (in Thai) and she writes there. I would never presume to try to usurp her narrative voice.

The best stuff I save for my paid work. Take a look at this month's (May) issue of Cruising World, if that interests you.

The rest of your advice might be sound. I recall in your blog that when you wrote about yanking engines, filling in throughulls and trying to learn how to row your 10,000 lb. boat down the ICW, your seriousness and sincerity shone through. That's what made those posts hilarious. They provided some much needed mirth at the Table of Knowledge. Sadly, the blog disappeared from the Interwebs soon after your harrowing passage from the boatyard to the dock.

But, frankly, I'm surprised you are interested in our little project. Over the past several years, whenever I dip in to this forum, you seem to be more interested in marginal political discussions and conspiracy theories than sailing. Some things never change.

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