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Re: Kayak as a dinghy for small sailboat

Originally Posted by Faster View Post
Be sure to order the spray 'skirts' too.. and spend on the better, lighter weight paddles. Well worth the difference.

IIRC the pelicans have a very open cockpit well.. wearing skirts in choppy conditions will keep you dry, getting caught in some passing gas guzzler's wash can get you a lapful of water otherwise too.

As to opening the storage well, that may be another difficult 'sealing' in slop. Might be difficult to keep the gear dry in waves.

Glad to hear you're liking them so far!
We didn't order the spray skirts as we love getting wet and the reason for kayaking... but may consider if as you mention it will keep us dry in adverse conditions. Yes we are planning on adding a gasket or 'real hatch' to the rear which will seal it from water intrusion. I have also seen some mods that add a small bilge pump using a small 12v battery sealed from the elements. uses the water plug in the back to shoot the bilge water out... cool and functional.

We wound up getting these paddles in yellow:

Quest Chute Aluminum Kayak Paddle | Field & Stream

Excellent construction and hope they last us a long time... they also float too.

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