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Re: Looking for rig tension numbers on a Crown 34

The Selden wire tension guidelines are what many people use. I have tried tensioning my rig to those specs but have backed off, thinking they were WAY, WAY too tight. Maybe for racing, where you want to fine tune sail shape, these specs are good but for cruising I believe they are unnecessary. The tension is such, with wire stretched that tight, that deck distortion under the mast is a real possibility on any surface the mast unloads upon. I use the old method of tuning my rig under sail, adjusting the stays and shrouds so that there is no slack on the lee side during a beam reach in a good wind. I really can't see the purpose of any more tautness than that. If the mast is straight under a good load, why overstress the entire structure, fittings, swages, wire, deck, and chainplates by applying excessive tension.

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