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Re: Looking for rig tension numbers on a Crown 34

Originally Posted by RichH View Post
Please consider that the 'set' and 'shape' of your sails, especially those that are on a forestay, or headstay, etc. entirely depend the tension in that wire. Just about any loft will, 99% of the time, build your sails to these 'expected' tensions for normal routine sailing in 12-15kts of wind based on the normal 'sag' of the wire under those conditions; ..... unless one specifies other than this accepted 'normal' wind speed range for normal conditions of your sailing venue.
If the headstay/forestay tension are not 'close' to the 12-15%, when sailing in 12-15kts, don't expect to be able to 'point' as well as with a normal/spec. tensioning.

Also, just about 'any' sail loft will also consider the amount of normal expected 'pre-bend' of the mast .... if no pre-bend; then expect a mainsail that's s-l-o-w-e-r while causing greater heel than 'normal' - a 'cranky' boat thats more 'easily set on her ear' when in gusts, than with sails attached to 'spec' wire tensions, etc.

hope this helps
Yes, I agree that the head/backstay tension has a great effect on pointing ability. It needs to be close to wire spec. There is no way to get a headsail shaped correctly with a loose headstay. It is the inner/outer shroud tension I question. When I tuned my shrouds up to spec using the wire stretch m/m method it seemed that over time there would be so much force exerted down that the boat structure would eventually HAVE to deflect even with the additional laminations I've added to the header. Something had to eventually give, whether it be the chainplate thru-bolts, the deck stepped deck surface or the supporting header. I suppose if you were to loosen turnbuckles when not in use it would suffice to eliminate the long-tern stress but that's just too time consuming.

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