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Re: Looking for rig tension numbers on a Crown 34

Thanks guys for all the input, suggestions, caveats, et al. Very much appreciated.

The rigging loads were all on the light side, but OK. I had a friend come with an older Loos gauge.

More importantly, a meeting with the repair shop foreman about the mast step and deck to mast connection alerted me to some other potential problems. We may not have a "mast to deck" connection, so that needs to be investigated further. There is evidence of a previous connection. There are no wedges!?!? The mast is located with some thick teak collar pieces, ceiling mounted, that are through-bolted to the mast collar, with all the halyard pulleys on deck. So far, no evidence of any connection of mast to deck. This seems to be an odd method of locating the mast in the deck hole. At least not in conformance to current wedging practices.

Certainly, I will not be tensioning the rig until these anomalies are resolved.

The mast step is a bit odd was well. There are two 1/2 inch thick pieces of 6061-T6 stacked to make a bridge from hullside to hullside. These plates are bedded into an epoxy slurry, either side of center. This creates a bridge that is unsupported directly below the mast step.

This aluminum bridge has deformed slightly, and should be supported under the bridged area. We cranked up the hydraulic backstay to 1500 lbs and although the plates did not deform or bend, I'm sure with the rig under sail things would be different.

Anyway, I suppose it will always be a work in progress, ....Oh dear, the main bilge pump just failed..... another day, another Boat Unit$$$

Thanks again guys, Pete
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