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Re: Outboards and sailboat balance question

Weight in the ends has an insidious effect on the boat. Its symptoms are not obvious. The best advice is to do what you can to keep weight out of the ends. If you need motors aft and perhaps an anchor with chain ready at the bow, so be it. Just know you have seriously degraded your sailing performance. The only way to demonstrate it is to one day remove all the heavy gear fore and aft then go for a sail. Or just sit on anchor with waves running. The difference is usually significant. That is why racers do what they can to avoid any extra weight in the ends. All these little things add up. Does it make a difference? Certainly. Do you care? Perhaps not.

OP asked if the weight aft might be compesated for with weight elsewhere. No it cannot. The weight needs to be either removed from the boat or moved towards the center. Fuel tanks and batteries might be moved. Crew can sit more forward.

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