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Re: So much hate to new people.

Originally Posted by gigamanx View Post
As a fairly new sailor myself, I have run into some pretty snarky comments by old salts. A sailing friend of mine calls them "yachties." My first time backing a boat in I didn't hit a thing, but it took me about 10 tries to figure out the prop walk/steering combo to get the ole girl in reverse. After feeling accomplished that I hit nothing and docked slowly enough to step off the boat and tie my own lines as she coasted in, I had a couple tell me "sure took you enough tries. Maybe try forwards next time." They had been sailing for years so they say.
They are losers who couldn't learn how to back in their own boat. Losers don't like newbies to be better than they are.

Originally Posted by gigamanx View Post
It can be souring to try and be a part of sailing when the community at large seems to contradict my own friendly, help-anyone, attitude.
There are plenty of good people who sail, and there are a minority of dipchits, just like most groups. Be friendly and helpful and outgoing - the good people will find you. So will the dipchits, but just ignore them.
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