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Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
Simple problem. You don't actually own the boat, but the seller seems to have your money. That was not a good move. Why is this problem coming up now?

You might be able to legally force the seller to comply with ownership transfer. Did you have a contract? They usually require the seller to affect proper title transfer, which is enforceable.

Did you pay by check or cash? Contract or no? Was this theoretically a good deal?
I bought the boat for only a grand with the intent of living aboard and fixing it up. I knew that it was still structurally sound although it looked like **** from neglect. So far it has been a good deal. I've saved 4 months rent living on it and I've learned a lot and done a lot while aboard, including my first race( not on my boat, on a neighbor's). It was a good deal because it came with an almost new outboard with like 5 hours of run time. And the boat is full of bronze and high value part out if it comes to that. I also just wanted to get on the water anyway I could and get my foot in and that much is has accomplished. I planned to live aboard for at least two months but it's been 4 and I see no reason to's coming up on here now because I can't figure it out myself but have been concerned and researching for months. I'd actually like to get some sails and take it out!!!I've heard rumors of coast guard raids as hurricane season opens... I am also thinking of moving up , and I have buyers ready but obviously they need this done before they would buy. No contract written bill of sale we both signed and I've saved answering machine recordings of the seller acknowledging I bought it. Paid 1k cash, the seller said he put 1$ on the bill "for tax reasons"... Anyway technically he was giving me the boat and selling me the outboard to push it .

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