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Re: What's your biggest bonehead move sailing?

Originally Posted by therapy23 View Post
Me neither but I have been around salt water and 12v a bit.

Perhaps you are due for another experiment.
Perhaps. Let me backtrack a little and round out the problem a little more clearly.

Automatic bilge pump has two wires connected to the DC system as you would expect. The + and - wires are not insulated from salt-water which might accumulate in the bilge where they are joined and extended to terminal blocks aft. Salt water at 20C has a resistance of .2 Ohms with electrodes separated by 1m according to "The Net Of A Million Lies".

The wires in question -- wrapped in typical electrical tape which should not stop salt-water reaching the conductor much at all over time -- can be considered to be in a short-circuit state for the purpose of this gendankenexeperiment as their separation (+ to -) is much less than one meter. I would expect furious gas production in the bilge as the battery attempts to jam 500 "CCA"+ across the all-but-short-circuit.

Maybe I should try it out, but frankly I am chicken. I don't want to break anything unnecessarily. If I have not messed up my constants I'd say that 12V marine batteries and sea water equals time-bomb. JFC.

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