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Originally Posted by c40eb View Post
It comes down to basic statistics, and leads to a general intelligence dilution.

It is a given that the world's population is rising. Therefore, generally wherever you go, there are more people. Average intelligence seems to be fairly people and low intelligence means more idiots everywhere.

So, in what used to be a fairly open environment, you are now confronted with an increase in people who lack basic sense.

It's not just on the sea, but all over. I live in rural Maine. 20 years ago, it was rare to see, well, people (little exaggeration). Now, seems I am constantly getting stuck in traffic, getting cut off, witnessing bad, poor, idiotic behavior by the clueless...just because there are MORE of them.

The "urbanization of the country"...applies to the water as well.

Solution? Without getting anarchistic, head further north, or buy an island.

I HOPE it's not dilution leading to more "low intelligence" people.. I think it's just MORE PEOPLE so I see more of the idiots in action.

And I hearya about living the rural life. From '93 to 2004 my county more than TRIPLED it's school student population. It's even higher now.

The little town I live closest to went over 3500 in pop. in 2000 which meant they came under a new set of state guidelines. Now they are pushing 7000!

Rush hour in the AM and PM w/ the school buses is awful. The HS is overcrowded even w/ pulling 9th grade out and sending them to the second middle school and making the old middle school 6/7 grade.

I'm just fortunate that I do MOST of my boating during the week or when a lot of people are heading in on Sunday afternoon. Cuts down on the clueless factor!

Or maybe I'm just OCD, anal and particular about how I do things.
Yep, that's probably part of it!
Of course I subscribe to the following Vince Lombardi quote...

"The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor."
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