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Re: 2016 Sailing Season on the Chesapeake

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Sounds like a great trip for you and the kids especially. You did some stuff which made them happy and they will just love it more in the future.

Your youngest will learn to deal in his own way and time it seems and if the rest of you are having fun, it will bring him along.

Oil sheen behind the boat is not good. Should have no mixing of oil and exhaust. Perhaps your slow drip allowed diesel into the bilge and it got pumped overboard. Not sure if the engine bilge leads to the larger bilge like ours does. That drip needs to get fixed so your boat doesn't smell like diesel.mwhich can permeate the cushions and everything. When the boats closed up and will be hard to get out.

Is it the fuel pump which is leaking or one of the injectors.? That wasn't clear from your post. Can you tell where the leak is coming from. Replacing a fuel pump is pretty simple usually unless it's buried in the tank. I've done ours and had it rebuilt as a spare just in case it went awry on a trip. Our pump sits by itself.

The injectors are a different issue. Not sure what engine you have , but it might be a good idea to learn how to bleed them. Another simple thing to learn. When the mechanic rebuilds them ask him/ her to show you how. On many engines a bleed is required when you replace the fuel filter that is required to start the engine. I have had to place the fuel filter at different times. We are luck as our Racor is in an easy to get to spot and we can drop in the filter, use a small measuring cup to fill the Racor to the top with diesel, and then screw the top on so we usually don't have to bleed the injectors. We carry a 5 gallon Jerry can of diesel in our lazzerette.

Fuel filters clog at I opportune times like in rougher weather when the sediment in your tank gets stirred up.
I change the oil and filter every fall before winterization and then again halfway through the season. This is an important thing to learn if you don't know how to do already, as there is not always a mechanic to call in the middle of the Bay if you engine sputters to a stop due to a clogged filter.

Great to hear you guys all had a good time.😄😄👍👍😄😄
Thanks! I tried to make it a fun, comfy trip. I cut mattress toppers to fit everyone's bunks (the cushions are a bit flat), made food up ahead of time, we had games and music and plenty of electrical power to go around.

We'd never had an oil sheen before. our engine sump doesn't connect to our regular bilge - we hand-pump the engine bilge ourselves. It's a fuel pump injector which is leaking. The mechanic showed me exactly where the leak is happening. We have a lot of good access to the engine. Our Racor is no longer in the easy place it was (another stupid thing done by Port Annapolis - I didn't ask them to move it but they did anyway). We just had it replaced last spring and yeah, the marina didn't know what theyw ere doing - didn't fill it to the top with diesel, let air in, over-cranked, killed our starter. Which we had rebuilt. Which is just one of many reasons they did NOT get the work to do the injector or the heat exchanger service.

We do plan to learn what we can with the engine. We started by reading the manual. At which point we realized we need someone to do the work and show us what they do. The class we looked at is expensive - but I guess everything is LOL!

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