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Re: So I got seasick today....

I didn't read all the reply's but thought I'd add this.

I'm 65 and this year had the thought that I might be a bit more susceptible to sea sickness, but also got a bit upset when in a high place.

My Wife used to get seasick looking at a seascape, I kid you not. The dock was too much for her. As a kid she always barfed in the car, had lots of trouble flying, all kinds of issues. Over the years she has gradually gotten better and better.

This summer we did 3 over nighters.
1. Cape May to NYC - nice night, small following wave, no issue.
2. Gaspe to Magdalene Islands - Started with a fresh beat, then into cross waves, nasty snap. She slept in the cockpit until the sea laid down. 38 hours.
3. Magdalene Islands to Bonn Bay - Motor sailing on a close reach, she threw up once and went comatose once again but came about when the sea laid down. 40 hours.

But interestingly of our last 3 days of the voyage, #1 was OK, no issues. #2 we had a beam swell, some 4'ers. No wind. Rock and roll. She didn't like it but didn't get sick. #3 was a mess. Started with a confused sea to get out of harbor, then a beam set of 6'ers which would really roll us up to 45deg. Then we had a long afternoon of following seas building with occasional sets of 6'ers or so, just starting to break. A few times we took bad rolls with seas on the deck. She got scared but not seasick. Fortunately the last few hours we were in protected waters and it was beautiful.

I'm 65 and my wife is 63. It was totally amazing that she did as well as she did. I've seen her really miserable in far more benign conditions. So we thing that she somehow habituated to it for last 3 days. The previous 2 trips had followed prolonged (5 or 6 days) periods on the dock.

Am I a lucky man or what?

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