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Re: Can't get husband on board with cruising

Interesting dilemma, with no easy answers. In some ways, having options, or choices in life, which are often considered positives, can frequently be paralizing. leaving the comfort of the known for the unknown. A "Risk vs Reward" evaluation, as discussed in the Ted video above is a reasonable approach to evaluate some of the choices. The timeline also seems to me to be an important factor to consider.

I also have rhetorical questions that I'd ask. No need to respond or reveal personal info, but you talk about your career flexibilty, but not your husbands. Perhaps he really enjoys his work/career and wants to pursue that further. Perhaps it's not as easy to jump in and out of as yours is, should that time come?

On the financial security side, how much is enough? Can that financial plan be accelerated to shorten the time to departure. Why does financial freedom become greater after high school? Often, college expenses are the toughest to accumulate, should college be in the plan.

I see the merits of going now, while the kids are young, since it could become even more difficult as they grow older, engage in their own pastimes and activities, that may not include sailing away from their friends and activities with their parents. What are their thoughts on the matter, do they have a voice? It seems to me that everyone has to buy-in. Kids are often more fearless, and adaptible at an early age.

That said, The Chesapeake is large enough that you could spend the next 20 years sailing and not see everything there is to see and do. To get the buy-in, you might have to, as others have said, take it in steps. Get the boat, go for day sails, weekend sails and take weeklong vacations aboard. Get everyone hooked, or not. Work on the spreadsheets, see what you can do to shorten the horizon. More financial Sacrifices now to build up the kitty faster? If you're the driver of this plan, it would seem that having the solutions to all the objections will fall on you. Which means having a plan that for the most part satisfies or alleviates, to some degree, the major fears.

This, from a guy who's still trying to figure out how to take the next leap and untie the land lines. Good luck!

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