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Re: Prescription medications in your kit


What you are saying is true... But.

Sometimes you have to do the best you can with what you have. No one wants to have to set a crew members broken limb, or treat an underway suspected heart attack. But if my option is to watch someone die, or spend two weeks with a broken unset arm, I really want a doctor on the phone to walk me thru what my options are.

Even something as simple as an allergic reaction can be dangerous, and while I may have the right drugs onboard, and may even have a rudimentary knowledge of how to use them. If it really comes down to needing them, I am calling a doctor for advice not because I want to use them, but because I know how sketchy my knowledge is.

As for antibiotics and pain killers... I am more hesitant about using anti-biotics than I am pain killers. If someone breaks an arm, or gashes themselves, it's generally pretty clear that they are going to need something for pain. Anti-biotics are harder I agree and I would be hesitant about using them, but serious punctures and serious tooth aches generally require them, not to mention infections. But then having them on board doesn't mean you have to use them.


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