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Re: Clueless Sailors?

Originally Posted by capta View Post
Not hardly!
If a car blows through a light a bit of metal and plastic gets trashed. If a bike does it someone usually DIES!
THAT'S why I get angry. If his mistake costs me all kinds of legal hassles and time, I have no recourse at all: he's dead. I may even go to jail, and I even didn't do anything wrong.
Nope, it is NOT perception, it is fact. Irresponsible bike riders are the ones who create the dislike for bike riders on the roads.
And as for equal rights, until the bikes get taxed for using the roads like the cars, I don't see equal rights anywhere in the picture. Bike riders are coasting for free on the roads vehicular traffic pays for.
If the car hits another car. Not if he hits a pedestrian, or a bike, or a motorcycle, etc. etc. etc.
Others mistakes cost all sorts of time, energy and money in the real world, and usually there is enough blame to go around. If you hit someone that just entered the road, even illegally, unless they came out from a bush or parked car that obstructed your view, you are partially at fault. If a kid chases a ball into the road, are you not going to brake? You squash him and you may or may not go to jail, too.
I'm all with you- irresponsible PEOPLE create the dislike for irresponsible PEOPLE. Their method of conveyance is irrelevant. My big annoyance is the idiots that bomb down a 25 mph road at 40. And pedestrians that walk in the road when there is a perfectly good sidewalk 5 feet away. And pedestrians that cross 10 feet shy of a perfectly good and well marked crosswalk. And Harleys because they're loud and noise pollution. And some of the idiot bike stuff you've described, but you're generalizing things that aren't actually bike related to bikers. And as someone else pointed out, the tax stuff is crap unless you're talking highways, and most highways funded by vehicular taxes bikes are prohibited from, anyway.

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