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Re: Clueless Sailors?

Originally Posted by capta View Post
Well, in Fla there is no property tax so the road money comes from auto taxes.
In RI my daughter has a separate tax on her car just for local roads, so 'm guessing it depends on where you live.

I once had it explained to me that since motor cycles are visually diminutive, being loud is a safety factor, like it or not.

A bike doing 15 and running a red light to your right in a city, with buildings to the corner, gives you no chance to even hit the brakes. And if there are 4 (2 each way) lanes, with a truck to your right, he's either lucky or dead. There are no other options. I know, it's happened more than once to me. Hours and hours at the scene, months of courts and all that garbage and I was the innocent victim of another's stupidity. I never had a chance in hell of avoiding him!
Again- no different than runners, motorcycles, toddlers, etc. It sucks, but it's life and not just bikers. Fact is that cities are unsafe and people do stupid things because people are people. But it's not a bike that is the problem.

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