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Re: Clueless Sailors?

Here's a bit of perspective for you who complain that cyclists ride abreast: The reason they do that is a combination of safety and courtesy. Unless you are a psychopath, driving you car into a bicycle is going to ruin your day. It is well known that bicyclists riding abreast are much more visible to motorists than are bicyclists riding in single file. Even a single rider is more visible when out in the middle of the lane than tight-roping on the edge. Check out numerous Youtubes if you can't imagine what you're reading.

If you approach cyclists who are riding in your lane, allow them to react to your presence before you pass. If they are aware of you and it is safe for you to pass, they will either wave you on or they will fall into single file to give you room. If they don't, assume that it is not safe to pass or they are not aware of your presence.

By the way, it is perfectly acceptable and courteous to toot your horn as you approach cyclists, well before you get on their tails. They should acknowledge you with a hand gesture or by yielding. Even if you are not the first in a line of cars, you should give a toot so that the cyclists know another car driver is wanting to overtake them.

The time penalty to drive like a decent, courteous person during most bicycle encounters is negligible compared to the total trip time, and can be easily made up if necessary. Don't be an azzhole.
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