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Re: Clueless Sailors?

Originally Posted by capta View Post
Well, in Fla there is no property tax so the road money comes from auto taxes.
In RI my daughter has a separate tax on her car just for local roads, so 'm guessing it depends on where you live.
It took me almost 17 seconds to find out that:

"Nationwide in 2010, state and local governments raised $37 billion in motor fuel taxes and $12 billion in tolls and non-fuel taxes, but spent $155 billion on highways.[3] In other words, highway user taxes and fees made up just 32 percent of state and local expenses on roads. The rest was financed out of general revenues."

The same website has a table that breaks it down by state: The proportion of highway spending covered by user taxes and fees, 2010, in Florida was 49.7%, the second highest of all states. For Rhode Island, 35.7%.

Gasoline Taxes and Tolls Pay for Only a Third of State & Local Road Spending | Tax Foundation

Since the majority of highway spending comes from general revenues, STFU about people not having rights to pedal on the roads, and quit whining about the minuscule disruptions that bicycles add to your self-centered existences.

Practice happy coexistence - you'll feel better.
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