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Re: Clueless Sailors?

This is always frustrating to me. As a new sailor, this is something I study and restudy over and over. Then, when I'm on the water and there's another boat in play, I can NEVER figure out if I'm the stand-on or give-way vessel.

I'm sure I'll get it down at some point. But there's been more than one embarrassing incident to date. In all cases, the other skipper gave me the kind of knowing "you're pretty new at this, aren't you?" look.

I sympathize with your frustration, and I'm equally frustrated that I'm occasionally the cause of it (maybe not for you, specifically; but for other experienced sailors).

If you have have any pointers on how to remember it when I'm _not_ looking at a diagram and actually have the mainsheept, jibsheet, and tiller in hand; I'm all ears. Otherwise, I'll keep restudying until it finally sinks in.
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