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Re: Sailing jib and spinnaker at the same time

Originally Posted by jackdaw View Post
For fast boats (J/70, J/111, Class 40, Volvo, Vendee, etc), this is easy.

If you're planing, leave the jib up.

If you're not, take it down.

When you are planing the boat speed pushes the apparent wind goes so far forward it makes the jib effective.
almost ditto. A small jib used as a staysail 'under' a spinnaker on a planing hull boat will create a larger amount and with a change in apparent (favorable) incidence angle of the oncoming upwash for the spinn to operate in; and, if the staysail is trimmed to perfection (draft forward shape with 'rounded' luff entry shape via increased halyard tension) will/may favorably enhance the apparent wind 'to' the spinnaker ... for increased spinnaker efficiency and 'higher'/faster apparent course angle sailed.
The same applies for cutter rigged boats with staysail under a 'top sail'; but, the normal staysail must be 'reshaped' (draft forward and w/ rounded luff shape ... via changes in halyard tension) and precisely trimmed according to the speedo.... very 'finicky'.

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