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Thanks Courtney.
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Originally Posted by GeorgeB View Post
O.K., you studs that only go out in gale warnings – fess up, what kind of gear do you break. The repair bill for Fast Forward’s broach was $11 grand (30knots true). I have also blown out a main when it was only blowing in the thirties. Usually when things go non-linear, the last thing you break out is a camera so I have precious few photos of Freya in a blow. So after seeing CC’s photo, how fast is the wind here? (Hint: the wind was southerly for the Bay (about 253 degrees and blowing strait from the City so assume ten miles of fetch.)

That is the big question. I raced last year over Labor Day weekend in 25-30 knots of wind gusting to 35+. Seas were 8 ft. Ugly, Square, Lake MI piles of chop with a few 10 footers thrown in for good measure. We were sailing with a new 145% genny reefed down to < 100% and the mizzen, doused main. The rest of the boats in our division retired early except for 1. That 1 required the CG to come save his bacon after the mast went by the board. We ended up blowing one of the seams out of the genny and having the cleat for the furling line ripped out of the coaming.

I do like the sea stories everyone is laying out there in this thread (thanks smacky) but, when I hear of joy rides in 30 kts of wind on a boat with wood spars and old sails and no reports of damage it kinda makes ya go, Hmmmmm.
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