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blt - great pictures from the race. I hope Sdog didn't look at how bad that tri got humiliated. Ha! It looks like it was definitely a spanker out there. I'm glad you got yours home in one piece. BTW - is your moniker an homage to Blutarski? That fine specimen of a human being in "Animal House"? I like it.

George - now I'm all confused. I've just been taking the mph readings and dividing them by 1.15 (or multiplying when they make me look tougher). Now you're throwing in all this squared stuff. Ouch. I guess I have to go buy a hummuna-hummuna-meter - or whatever. I'm so confused I can't even guess at the windspeed in your photo - maybe between 10 and 40? As for repair costs - ppphhhhttth. I've invested heavily in the stock market - so I'm currently swimming in cash.

Jody - sweet BFS video dude! I especially like the wine bottle at the helm (nothin' better than a hammered skipper I always say), the brats on the barbie, and the "knockdown" at the end. Great visual effects. I'll have to take it on faith that you had a "stern look" on your face since I couldn't really see much under that balaclava. And, man, don't ya just hate it when you post photo-evidence and people start pointing out (rightly so) all the stuff you're doing wrong. I don't know if you remember - but I got some of that myself in FC. It's great learning from real sailors ain't it!

Sailaway - dude, you are just one uptight contrarian. They give you pictures - and you still go on and on. Jeez.

Chuckles - great story, and great comeback on Sdog. Thanks for your service.

Sdog - did you see blt's photos of the race? Dude, that tri!
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