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Hatch/Doghouse removal question on B29.9

I am wondering if anyone has a good process for removing the sliding hatch on a B29.9 (and many other Bristols I suspect).

Today I replaced the (crummy) factory traveller on my Bristol 29.9 with a new one from Garhuaer Marine. Selkie has mid-boom sheeting with a molded-in traveller "ridge" on the doghouse. This ridge is just ahead of the aft edge of the doghouse, where the sliding hatch disappears under it. My plan of attack was to first remove the old traveller and then remove the doghouse completely. Then install the new traveller on the doghouse and re-attach to the cabin roof.

I did succeed in getting the new traveller installed but my original plan was thwarted by the discovery that not only was the doghouse attached to the cabin top by self tapping and machine screws on the sides and forward edge, but was also attached by a bead of adhesive/sealant along those same edges. Cutting through this adhesive with the tools I had on hand was not feasible and promised gelcoat damage from trying to lever the doghouse edges upward. Instead I opted to remove the sliding hatch and access the nuts on the traveller from underneath the edge of the doghouse.

This plan B worked, but removing the sliding hatch was a bear. I loosened as many accessible mounting screws as possible on the hatch's aluminum tracks and with a lot of levering, twisting and cursing was able to disengage the hatch from the tracks. Reinstalling was just as difficult as removal, and along the way I was thinking that there had to be a smarter way to do this but just couldn't see one. Hence this post. Anyone ever found a better way to remove and reinstall the sliding hatch than brute force and ignorance?

The new traveller looks great and will be less of a finger-loss hazard than the old one was. I would have posted a picture of the installation but it was dark when I finished. Can't wait to sail with it, in fact I can't wait to just go sailing....... Mind you, there's more snow in the forecast this week so some more skiing won't hurt either.... One nice thing about Utah and the Salt Lake is that you get to play on the water twice, once when it's frozen and again when it's not.

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