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Re: Masthead sheave--help me find--please!

Originally Posted by Bruce3966 View Post
Ok everybody, help me find a 60mm x 12mm masthead sheave please. I have searched high & low for hours and cannot find this. I have an O'Day Daysailer and according from Rudy at D&R, a few of these boats were fitted with a racing mast which mine apparently has (added stiffeners running down each side of the mast) The masthead sheave is 2 3/8" x 1/2" or roughly 60mm x 12mm.

I sent Rudy a photo of this and he has never seen this set up before. The one that is in there is pretty chewed up and I really want to replace it. It has a 1/4" bore hole and handles the normal 1/4" halyards for the Daysailer. A nylon or Delrin would be nice--not any type of metal. The one that is in there looks like what we called in the military Bakolite (attached a photo).
Take a look at the RF-1765.
Might need to open up the bore some. In any case 1/4 inch is small, maybe go with larger through bolt, better for bearing surface in any case.
Here is full specs:
fwiw I installed some of these that are 4 inch diameter Acetal from Ronstan and so far working great. The bore was slightly too small and I drill it out to fit my sheeve axel.
Note sheeve says max line 3/16, would think 1/4 would be ok, and actually looking at the specs, the rope gets smaller on the larger sheeve, seems there is a mistake, but would think 1/4 inch is ok...

In the beginning, there was only water...

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