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Re: What Cheeses Me Off!

Noise is funny. Some people make a lot of noise, and don't think anything of it. They walk around banging and clanking things, loudly exclaiming verbally and with simple noises about every little thing that enters their field of vision. They stomp up and down stairs. They belly laugh like Klingons. Or maybe they are constantly whistling or singing or just talking to themselves. Maybe they blast their car stereo loudly and roll around town thumping rudely to everyone within a 200 yard radius. Some others work hard to make as little noise as possible out of consideration because other peoples' noise is absolutely infuriating and they don't want to be a noise polluter. I sleep with ear plugs jammed in my head and noise cancelling headphones with a white noise track at moderate volume over the top of the earplugs, in an often futile attempt to block out the godawful noise pollution the inconsiderate constantly generate.

Am I a prematurely grumpy curmudgeon when it comes to noise, particularly noise like a halyard slap that can be so easily corrected? You bet your ass. I'd have to sail to sail for days if not weeks to find peace and quiet. The very best thing about the sea is the complete lack of leafblowers and subwoofer cars.

Stay off my lawn.

"Freedom is the increased knowledge of what you can do without." —Thoreau
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