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Re: Best Epoxy Paint for Black Iron Fuel Tanks

For epoxy, etc. coating to be 'integral' you really need to do 'spark testing', etc. to validate that the coating system is 'protective'. Without such validation, you risk the acceleration of corrosion between the steel and the coating adjacent to any 'interstices' (holes, thin spots, 'holidays', etc.) in the coating system as well as to insure a specific thickness of the coating to prevent water permeability and water migration 'through' the coating system, etc.

Ive been away from such corrosion coatings for over 20 years. However, Id recommend that If you're in close proximity to any large chemical process plant, contact them (chemical engineering dept.) and simply ask to visit to find out what is the 'current state-of-the-art' being employed to protect 'black iron' tanks. Suggest you first contact with their 'public relations' department. ;-)

Edit/FWIW- Before you do the actual coating, you might want to consider to do some ultrasound analysis to ensure that the tank has enough thickness remaining. Just about any Home oil heating service can do the ultrasound testing for you ... and at quite a reasonable cost. They do this ultrasound testing as a routine for household fuel oil tanks.

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