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Re: Why do you love to sail?

Wonderful thread and great responses. To me it is very hard to articulate the "why". My wife called my boat my blood pressure pill. She could see the stress and trials and tribulations of everyday life disappear as soon as I was aboard.
Why do I love sailing? Because it puts me in a state that nothing else can match or even come close. Whether bashing into 40 knots, racing for a little seemingly worthless little ribbon, cruising with the sails balanced and sailing herself, or sitting at anchor, there is a calmness that all is right.
It can take so much focus, that for a period, there is nothing else but you and the task at hand. There is no outside world. Other times it can be so serene and peaceful that you are again taken away from the outside world.
A friend, whom I've raced with for ten years, and I were sailing in 8 knots. Sails nicely trimmed, boat perfectly balanced and she was sailing herself. Wanted to to below to grab a snack, so asked my friend to watch the helm. Came back up five minutes later to find him still laying down in the cockpit. Boat still sailing perfect to the breeze. Thought to myself, damn, I love this.


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