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Re: Converting swing board trailer to wing keel trailer?

Thanks for the reply. We spent time on the trailer adjusting the bearings and replacing a bulb. For bringing it back, we needed to assure a safe trailer. Not as much time on the boat, my helper needed to get back to Colorado after one day. On a Sunday, we were unable to get professionals to render assistance or opinion.

I walked around and looked. Everything felt very solid and I feel confident that these owners simply would not sell a boat, that needed major repair, without warning.

This purchase was to allow a few years of sailing experience before going liveaboard. Tax assessors have made the land lubbing life a financial nightmare. Plus I have always preferred the water. The name of my business name plus water...for example. Loved using my boat to death prior to the theft and vandalism. Love sailing in good conditions.

The investment is manageable and will hopefully stay manageable. With a mediocre resale value and definite plans to sell, it makes no sense to pour larger volumes of money into this project.

I am looking at a used trailer, in a couple hours, that comes with an older wing keel cutter. I have five acres in remote country, the old wing keel cutter is likely to be stripped and parked for "flood emergencies". It needs too much work to make sense.

Thanks again!

Originally Posted by SHNOOL View Post
Lots of mention of this trailer (best part) and only passing mentions of the boat, except that it is dirty.

I am familiar with S2s only from the 7.9 line, and they are balsa cored... if the boat sat for 8 years unused (and probably unattended), how can you be sure there is even any core left? I know the older S2s are supposedly much heavier built and stronger, so maybe they are solid glass?

The trailer "rebuild" is probably just the start of this adventure. For what its worth, my money is on borrowing someone else's trailer to get the boat home, block it up, then attempt to upgrade/convert/sell the trailer it came with.

A new trailer for a 27 foot sailboat with 4-5 foot draft, and roughly 5000lb displacement will run you about $6500 (loadmaster and triad quoted me for such a thing in the last couple weeks). You COULD get away with a bare bones model that is painted without the ramp launch options for roughly around $5000.

The used trailer is likely worth between $1500 and $2500 in fully functional condition... So is it worth another $4000 for a brandy new trailer that properly fits the boat?

I still think focusing on the trailer is focusing on the immediate transport problem and not the larger problem of the value of the boat itself.

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