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Re: Converting swing board trailer to wing keel trailer?

Sorry but I missed the mark twice. It was a shoal draft keel with a 26" draft. Now it has a 4' draft. Not something that I want to trailer very often at all.

The current keel is almost full, it stops several feet short of the stern.

The trailer is designed for a swing keel sailboat. There are no provisions for resting a keel on the trailer. Thinking I might get a smaller swing keel boat until I get the S2 fixed and find a suitable dock for it. The trailer will be perfect for a swing keel boat.

Originally Posted by colemj View Post
From the eBay description, he removed the swing keel, added 800lbs of ballast and deepened the keel.

I read this to mean that the deepening of the keel is just adding depth the the existing stub keel that contained the swing keel. The 800lbs of ballast was likely added inside or close to the boat hull in the stub keel where the swing keel would be when retracted. Most likely, the board was 500-800lbs of cast iron that began to corrode to the point of being unusable so was removed, and the added ballast and deeper stub compensates for this, although is placed a bit higher.

If so, this isn't a bad modification and shouldn't change the boat's attitude. It will probably be a bit more tender and point slightly less well than it would with the swing keel fully down, but be better in all other conditions were the swing keel would be only partially down.

If you absolutely must trailer it yourself, and it is a one-time only thing, you might be able to just cut off the stub keel, trailer it and glass it back on when you get it to its home.

That is assuming the deepening of the keel was just simple glass work and does not contain ballast. If it contains ballast, then the modification is even better than above, but you still have to modify the trailer instead.

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