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Re: Pacific Seacraft Orion

Originally Posted by willyd View Post
Despite responding 8 minutes after the original posting, leaving my email, sending the owner a message, then finding the [email protected]!gsl!st ad and responding to that, I was still beaten to the punch. Apparently a hatch went missing at some point and the boat got water and mold in it, over a period of 12 years.

I've visited scads of boats in boatyards that have had this same or similar problems. Let's see, 12 years times ~$100/month = a lot more money than it would cost the yard to send someone around occasionally and put a tarp over it and call the owner if they see the hatch is missing. The boat went in value from +/- $40,000 to $1500 obo. Granted, the boat is the owner's responsibility, but what is the yard actually being paid for?
I think they should contact the owner. I just can't see someone actually paying the yard bill for 12 years and not even checking on there boat. I know some yards down in the tropics include services like checking on the boat at an extra cost. I have never heard of an US yard offering the service. I looked at a boat that the companionway slider had blown open in Sandy, and over a year later it was still open. Sad that is somehting a yard could have simply slid it closed. They actually moved the boat in moving boats in and out so they should have noticed.

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