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Re: Sican Out board

My 25 yr old 4 hp Evinrude 2-stroke is still running and hasn't had any significant service or parts issues. It is water cooled, has 2 cylinders, and is nowhere near as noisy as those air-cooled things. An Evinrude (BRP) replacement--now available in the US in a 4 stroke, 3.5 hp size--may cost 10 X as much as a Chinese air-cooled motor with questionable quality and after sales support.

Just looking at sales brochure photos, the cheap Chinese OBs are not in the same league as the established brands--wherever they are actually made. Given the price differential, if the OP wants to go cheap, he might consider buying 2 or 3 to have spare parts available. If the motor actually lasts for several years, he might sell the "spares" with a story of his good experience to sweeten the sale. Otherwise he might dispose of a failed OB and move on through the "spares", possibly still saving a bundle over the long term.

However, if these cheap OBs are unreliable, they may not be a bargain at 1/10 the cost of a name brand. I could tell you the story of a 2 hp Mini-mite I bought 30 yrs ago. Never again will I go cheap!
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