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Re: Just purchased a 1973 Pearson 30, need advice.

Originally Posted by Skipper Jer View Post
"the bulkhead has shifted due to the head lock." not familiar with that term, head lock.
The engine, is the battery dead, the starter motor shot, the bearings seized, rings frozen to the cylinder walls? Can you rock the engine by hand? I won't pull it out till it was determined that the engine is seized and even then all may not be lost. Some penetrating oil may free the rings. If the bearings are seized then that is another story.

The cockpit floor around the tiller probably has its plywood core soaked so its rotten. No big deal, just hours in a coffin like space with toxic epoxy fumes and she be as stiff as new. And when you are there check the hoses that connect the cockpit drains to the scuppers. Bet you that they are original and will crumble in your hand at the first touch.

What am i looking at in that last picture, daylight at the end of the tunnel or another train coming down the track?

You need metal or G10 backing plates on the thru bolts for fittings that take load, cleats, stanchions, travelers, windlass, ect.
I had read that if the wooden wedge had rotted the mast compression would cause the bulkhead to not line up. The engine just clicks when you hit the start button, I'm not sure if moisture made it into the piston chambers due to the other owner pulling the spark plugs and leaving them out and had them rusted. So just put some PB Blaster in the cylinders? What do you mean rock it? I don't have the hand crank for it. The last picture is looking from the inside of the boat and corresponds to the outside picture where the bumper is broken. I can see daylight through it. I'm guessing the fiberglass was supposed to come to a lip so the bumper could screw through it but it has no lip there.

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