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Re: Just purchased a 1973 Pearson 30, need advice.

Originally Posted by Skipper Jer View Post
The plugs are out so there is no compression to over come. Can you rotate the pulley by hand? Maybe put a socket or wrench on it to help. Clicking could be a weak battery, a defective stater solenoid, a defective starter (dead spot on the commutator) or a seized engine. Put a volt meter on the battery. If that measures good (12 or more volts) while trying to start then measure at the starter motor. I'd make sure the electrical side of the engine was good before looking at the mechanical. Its between PB blaster and Marvel Mystery oil. PB if you got it. Is the deck depressed around the base of the mast?
I honestly didn't have any tools with me to try to rotate the pulley when I was down at the coast Saturday. I thought about purchasing the hand crank from Moyer Marine, but I will at least have my tools and volt meter next weekend. I don't remember seeing the mast compressed around the deck, I was just concerned when I seen the head latch didn't line up. I wish it wasn't a 4 hour trip one way or I'd be there right now.

Is this the good fuel tank? I know they said some tanks were great as they were made from monel I think it was.

Should I be concerned with this cylinder in the second picture? It appears to be something the raw water runs though and has silicon all over the fittings.

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