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Re: Shopping around for the 10-20yr boat, need some info on the CS33's

Originally Posted by FreeAgent View Post
Don't recognize any of those names, but then I am not in GTA. Only boat names I would recognize are the ones currently on our dock. And even those I don't remember 3 Mirage 35s and two 33s out of how many? Hard to find that sort of data. Probably couple of hundred. Those are the Mirage models mentioned as possible alternatives to the CS-33. Overall, I suspect Mirage built several thousand boats of all models.

Checking recent prices, it does seem guyfromthenorth is right that the Mirage 35s command a higher price than CS-33s. Interesting in that they probably cost less when new.
Well a 35' boat normally sells for more than a 33'. Since January 2014 there have been 48 CS 33's sold on Yacht World and only 7 Mirage 35's in that same time period. This pretty well matches the number of these boats I see on the Great Lakes.

Now a significant majority of the CS 33's that have been sold since January 2014 have been much older than the Mirage 35's but when compared year to year there does not appear to be much if any difference if they are compared sale to sale, model year to model year with equipment also considered. So bigger boat, newer boat, yeah a few of them have sold for more.

I have attached the data with the sales data of both boats. Sorry if things are a little misaligned but copying from is awkward for some reason.

I believe a closer comparison would be the Mirage 35 and CS36T and in that case the mirage's are selling for 10,000 to 15,000 less as per soldboats data

Sorry this site will not let me upload a pdf. but if you PM me an email address I'll send it to you.

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