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Re: Shopping around for the 10-20yr boat, need some info on the CS33's

Originally Posted by Arcb View Post
So, if I was interested in racing, would I be better off with a Mirage 26 or a Mirage 27? Why?
If object was strictly or mostly racing, neither would likely be a good choice.

But if object is a cruising boat that could race against other PHRF rated boats in local club races, then there should not be much difference. This provided sails, engines and props are equivalent. The reverse transom on the 27, may provide a longer sailing waterline which may provide better performance in some conditions. But I doubt PHRF ratings are different.

The other factor, would be the make up of the racing fleet. No use trying to race a PHRF 219 boat if most of fleet is in say under 150 PHRF range. Then maybe buy a Kirby or J 30 or one of many other racing boats that have reasonable accommodation.

By the way, there was another Mirage 27. Designed by Peter Schmidt. Very roomy boat. About same as a CS30! Really a Cruiser/Racer in same vein as the early C&C 27s with close to same performance. Not many around.

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