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Re: PSC lust

Originally Posted by Interlude View Post
Well you will get 20 different opinions from 20 different folks, that is to be expected,'s another!

We returned to sailing in the fall of 2015 after a 25 year hiatus with a Compac 23 diesel. She was a great sailing boat, marginally trailerable, marginally easy to rig, marginally comfortable to stay on, you get the idea. One early summer day in 2016, hunched over below decks in the rain, we looked at each other and said "we need a bigger boat!" That 23 was both simultaneously too small and too big. Too small to stay aboard for any length of time and too large to be a simple to rig and transport vessel. So, when you have something both too small and too big, you will need two things to replace it!

We had lusted after a PSC31, a new design from WIB Crealock, when we gave up sailing, we had also learned to sail on a Compac 16 a buzzilion years ago. Well we now have both. They compliment each other as one allows us to get out for those light wind, summer gunk holing trips, and sharpen our sailing skills while the other gives us a real place to stay (we live almost 3 hours from our boats which are on the Chesapeake) with those extended trips as our skills and time allow.

You may wish to consider that one boat may not fill your needs. All designs are compromises for something, but it is a fact that if you don't find yourself turning around to look at her as you leave her, you are gunna end up having an affair and getting another. We pinch ourselves that we have the boats we have. They both are selling for what they cost new and have classic lines that never go out of style. We have to like the way they look as well as how they sail. Looks and personality! If you strive for that you will not be disappointed. Hope this helps, it works for us.
I like that approach! If you have room to put a small trailerable in your driveway, they could be no more expensive than a new autopilot on the big boat. And totally free if you can later sell the small boat for what you bought for.

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