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Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
And I'll ask what is probably the most stooopid question of all - but, of course, I'm cool with that.

I've seen like photos of half-submerged boats to just rigging sticking up out of the sand. So my question is - can the sand really swallow a boat over time? Or does the sea just break it up at some point?

I'm also interested by Bene's question above. Sounds like insurance (or lack thereof) always has a lot to do with it. In any case I've always wondered about inflatable "jacks" (i.e. - a crazy strong "raft") that could lift the boat a few feet to clear the keel, float it with the tide, be towed out, then deflated for the re-float. I know they use something like this in emergency situations to lift heavy crap. Would it work here?
I think I have seen several sunken ships that are partially buried in the mud and muck, depending on where they went down, but these are archaeological sites, rather than a more modern vessel being sunk recently.

I've never scuba dived, but I do dive with mask and fins and could see you'd probably need some good divers to get floats of any sort in place, but why not? If you can get enough flotation around the boat to bring it up I can't see why your idea wouldn't work.

On the other hand..... not being a scuba diver I can postulate anything and make it sound easy

(I do have about a dozen diving friends though, and they tell me that a lot of things are a lot easier than *I* personally would try.....)

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