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I picture all hand held equipment water pumping equipment, a couple very large anchors and the help of a big boat to set the anchors. Also, a ton of sandbags to make a jetty immediately up-current of the sailboat. Then it's move sand and wiggle, move sand and wiggle. You create the jetty with the sand you remove from around the hull and keel. The jetty keeps the sand from coming back in. And yes, it would be a race against the next storm.

I see a situation like this one as a sand problem. The waves are small for weeks after the incident. The boat would float if it weren't for all the sand (big assumption maybe).

There was a beautiful, like-new, 40+ foot Beneteau for sale on eBay a year ago that had a big hole in the side (and broken rudder) from where the bulldozer pushed it back out to sea. That seems like way to much brute force, if you ask me. I'd use the bulldozer to move sand near the boat, or as the first "rock" in the jetty, and do the rest with hand tools.

I'd like try to free a boat like that, should the opportunity appear, and should the boat be worth the trouble. There's something good or decent or __________ about it. What's the word I'm looking for?
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