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Originally Posted by SimonV View Post
So let me understand, my crawling around the bowels of my boat replacing the copper grounding strip was a wast of time and money. I should have just earthed to the through hull fitting (bronze).???
Yep, pretty much.

There's WAY too much "myth and folklore" out there, and too many people on this site and others have very little real knowledge of how RF and radio systems actually work.

So, they will tell you all sorts of things that really either aren't true, simply aren't helpful or simply won't work.

You need a counter-poise for a whip antenna. It can be something as simple as a car body or as complex as a metal hull on a ship. But running copper rods, grounding strips and so forth under the bowels of the boat isn't going to help. It'll get you dirty, and it really isn't that efficient

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