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portable propane stove

I had a $1,700.00 Luke stove aboard that was really crap. Not the stoveís fault, it was just old and used to extreme. It had to go. I replaced it with a ďseaman-likeĒ two burner, pressurized alcohol stove that really was a pain in the butt! I settled on a $40.00 stainless steel, two-burner Coleman-like stove that I installed on a semi-permanent basis (I can remove the unit, on its shelf to use on the beach). I even bought the Coleman folding oven and ordered a second rack.

I installed a ball valve on the bottle end of the hose for safetyís sake. Itís mounted very accessible and visible under the stove where there are no strains on the hose. I also had to modify the hose to stove connection, which I thought was a bit substandard from the factory. I have always kept 3 or 4 propane bottles aboard in the bosínís locker with the covers intact. Never had any problem but I use a bit of Vaseline on the male ends periodically when I connect a devise to them.

The stove works like a charm! The oven cooks an 8X8-inch pan with those Select-bake things, no problem. Flip on the bottle valve, open the burner valve and flick the bic! Once the cooking is done, a quick clean up, close the valve and put down the top (great counter space for doing the dishes).

I always thought that inexpensive camping items were underrated aboard boats, especially in the galley. Go ahead and mount the stove. As with any propane installation, use common sense and, if your less of the handyman, ask someone to double-check on your work.
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