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portable propane stove

Bubb 2:

My father was a fireman as well. I grew up around the firehouse with all the trucks, sirens, boots, helmets and the whole show. Even today Iím greeted with respect by the local firemen, some even younger then myself, who are familiar with my fatherís legacy. My father died of cancer at 55.

I have a deep respect for propane, gasoline, oils, toluene, acetone and the myriad of paints and chemicals to be found around boats and boatyards. Iíve seen the results of a leaky 5-gallon propane tank, and Iíve seen what can happen when a forgotten pile of linseed oil soaked rags is left sitting in a focísel!

I had an Origo non-pressurizes alcohol stove on my old boat. It cooked well enough but the burning of raw alcohol was more then my eyes and nostrils could deal with. Even now, some 15 years later I can still smell it! You can have all of that!

I lived aboard for 15 years, year round in New England. Iíve cooked and heated with just about every source of heat available and found none hotter and more efficient then propane. Using precautions and safety measures, I found the small bottles of propane to be just fine stored in my bosínís locker. Handled with respect, something else will bite you in the butt long before propane does!

As a qualified mechanic and repairman I am no stranger to proper ways of doing things. Many times I have purchased items from reputable manufacturers only to find that they were not up to my standards, necessitating modifications before they could become part of my boat. This is true in the fore mentioned cook stove.

I think I was a bit misleading about my shutoff valve though. I used a ball-valve, rated for use with propane with the proper fittings attached, one end to accept the bottle and on the other is a bottle head fitting. This in turn screws into the hoseís fitting. Thereís a fully solid mechanical connection between the bottle and the positive shut-off with no hose between the two.

Another thing you can do is to replace the plastic covers that come on the bottles with brass covers that screw down and make a positive seal. These are available at just about any hardware store. Along with that, and the hundreds of other systems aboard my boat, I still sleep well at night, confident that Iíll find her just as I left her when I turned in.

Smoking? I had a dream 8 years ago. I had climbed to the mountaintop and stood naked unto God. His light shone down upon me and there in one hand I was holding a pack of cigarettes and in the other was a lighter. That was the end of my two-pack-a-day habit, cold turkey!
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