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Originally Posted by brak View Post
I know every person is different, and personal expenditures differ too. That said, 10K doesn't sound like that much money to me in terms of boat costs (relative to what many boats and boat repair jobs would cost).

That's not to say that you should just throw money away. However, I do think that if sums of this scale make you cringe - it will be difficult to deal with any boat, since sums like these come up pretty much all the time even if the boat is new and you are a DIY kinda person.

You know that boat is now, due to inflation, is renamed BOATT - bring out another ten thousand It is a joke, but it's only funny because it is true.

haha... That is funny...

Its not the sum that makes me cringe. Its whether that money is better spent on another boat that won't have issues. Er, will have fewer issues. Or at least issues that don't require tearing up the deck and making a new one.

I guess its a matter of efficiency. If the boat needs x dollars of repair, is that x better spent on a different boat, and should I cut my loss now or keep throwing money into it.
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