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Originally Posted by DwayneSpeer View Post
PLBs would work well, I think, depending on where you are. They use a satellite that is centered over North America so don't reach out more than a few hundred miles into the Pacific and of course if you are very far out the cold water would probably do you in well before some found you in a SAR situation.
PLBs are received by the same Low Earth Orbit satellites that EPIRBS are picked up by, and they relay the signal to geostationary satellites, which relay to earth. The geostationary satellite does not directly receive signals from PLBs and EPIRBs. Coverage is pretty even worldwide between N70 and S70, and pretty spotty closer to the poles. BothPLBs and EPIRBS transmit on 121.5MHZ at 25 milliwatts for short range direction finding. The 121.5 transmission is no longer received by the LEO satellites, as of February, 2009.

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